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February 19, 2012

Every Saturday I research a tale type outside the one I’m currently working with to help me come up with new story ideas. This time I read Cinderella stories: Persian Cinderella, Hmong Cinderella, and The Irish Cinderlad. The last one was the most atypical. It had an evil step- mother and step-sisters, and it ended with the use of lost footwear as identification, but everything else was different.

Cinderlad is a shy boy who gets teased for being short and having very big feet. He is forced to work as a cowherd and gets little to no food. His fairy helper is a bull who brings him a feast everyday and helps him escape. Cinderlad goes on to defeat a giant and a sea serpent. Large boots, which he stole from the giant, are his identifying footwear. The princess, whom he saved from the sea serpent, is very confident and forward. She is also the same height as him, and she jokes that they will see eye to eye on everything.

I have so many story ideas from this that there might even be another series in the works. I’m a little annoyed that Cinderella had to just sit around and be passive while Cinderlad got to escape and have adventures. Also, why are the moms and sisters always the bad ones? Things are going to be very different in my version.

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