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Goldilocks Research

The episode of Puckette I’m currently writing is based on fairy tale break-ins, such as Hansel and Gretel, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Snow White. I did some reserch today and found out some fun facts. For instance, Hansel is short for Johannes and Gretel is short for Margaret.

The most interesting things I read were about Goldilocks; she has a really gruesome history. Apparently, she used to be an old woman, and at the end of the story the bears impaled her on a church steeple. How’s that for an object lesson! She also had another incarnation before the nosy old woman. In Russia, there is a story where a princess breaks into the home of three knights who wear bear skin cloaks. I wonder if that’s the original. I’ll have to read more to find out.

In other news, I set up an account on, so I can post to all my blogs and social networks at once. This is my very first post on Ping. I can’t wait to see how it works out.

I got published on the Kindle!

Puckette: A Fairy Tale is the first in a series of short stories and it’s available for free until February 5, 2012. Here’s a link to the listing on Amazon:

Puckette: A Faery Tale on Amazon 

Also, free Kindle applications can be downloaded for MAC, PC, smart phones, and tablets here:

 Free Kindle Reading Applications

Happy Reading!